BEST Free Download Manager For Windows PC 

As technology ventures into uncharted territories and bolder directions, we thought it was necessary to look into some of the most relevant Download Managers available today for Windows.

Many competent Download Managers have graced our systems over the years. Users have been blessed with the ability to manage their download, pause & resume them and achieve superfast internet speeds, thanks to robust download managers with advanced features.

Free Download Manager For Windows

Download Managers become especially important to compensate for the almost in-depth downloading abilities of internet browsers. If you are someone who has tried downloading a file on Chrome or the good old Internet Explorer, then you must know the frustration that we are talking about.

Thus a download manager quickly became the antidote to the user’s needs of effective downloading online. Fast forward to today, and now there are a plethora of options available to you with regards to a download manager for a PC.

So keeping in mind the abundance of downloaders for PC at our disposal today, we would like to list down some of the best download managers available for PC for wide use today.

Similar in their goals, but quite unique in the rendering of their services, each of the tools mentioned in this tutorial have something interesting and rewarding to offer in order to satiate your downloading needs.

Pro-Tip: Opt for a downloading manager that is easy to download and install. It should possess a simple user interface with smooth and comprehensive navigation. It should be advanced enough to let you download any form of content from a multitude of content platforms online. Make sure that the tool grants you the feature to pause and resume your download for a seamless downloading experience.

Fact Check: As you can see from the below graph, Downloading managers have seen active interest among users across America for the better part of 2020, with a sharp spike in the months of November and early December.

Download Managers - interrest over time

[image source]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is the practice of downloading videos and images from online sources legal?

Answers: Yes, as long as you are not downloading content that is protected under the copyright protection act, you are well within your rights to download a particular video or image. To be on the safer side though, we encourage only downloading royalty-free images and videos from online sources.

Q #2) Why Install a Download Manager when most of the browsers have a downloader integrated into them?

Answers: The downloaders you find in browsers like Chrome and Firefox, are frankly subpar and plagued with snail-paced speeds. Plus, downloaders available in your browsers do not allow you to download files from many popular content platforms like YouTube.

Q #3) What are the features to look for in a Download Manager apart from the expected downloading function?

Answers: A download manager that allows you to pause and resume download, manages your download library, and comes with an in-built anti-virus checker is a tool worth owning.

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List Of Best Download Managers For Windows

Here is the list of popular Download Managers for PC:

  1. Free Download Manager
  2. Internet Download Manager
  3. Ninja Download Manager
  4. JDownloader
  5. Internet Download Accelerator
  6. EagleGet
  7. BitComet
  8. uGet
  9. FlashGet
  10. GetGo Download Manager

Comparing Top 5 Downloaders For Windows PC

NameBest ForFree TrialRatingsFees
Free Download ManagerOpen Source Downloader for PCNoneFree
Internet Download ManagerBrowser Integrated Automated Downloading.30 days Free trial$29.95
Ninja Download ManagerSimultaneous Downloads of Multiple FilesNoneFree, $19
JDownloaderFree Downloader without AdsNoneFree
Internet Download AcceleratorResume Broken Downloads and multiple browser integrationNoneFree, $9.95

Let us review these Download Managers in details:

Recommended Tool – System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense – Downloading videos from any online platform isn’t always safe. We suggest having software like System Mechanic Ultimate Defense installed in your system. It serves as both a PC optimizer and an anti-virus solution. It leverages advanced threat detection algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect new and previously unknown threats.

It also scans your entire system to detect malware-like threats that may harm your computer. The software will instantly alert you if a video you are downloading has a virus on it. It also makes use of proprietary technology to analyze suspicious files.

If you are someone who frequently downloads videos from online websites, having System Mechanic will help shield your PC against threats that come with the files you download.


  • Full PC Optimization
  • Real-Time Anti-Virus Protection
  • Military Grade Drive Wiping Technology
  • AI-Driven Threat Detection
  • Automatic PC Cleaning

Price: $63.94 annual plan.


#1) Free Download Manager

Best for Open Source Downloader for PC.

free downlod manager

Free Download Manager is a kind of downloader for windows that employs a significant system to make the downloading process extremely fast. It ingeniously brings faster speeds by splitting the files in small parts to make the download process efficient.

Free Download Manager hits it out of the park by allowing users to conveniently pause and resume their download on the go. Perhaps its most fascinating selling point, in our opinion, is its compatibility with torrent files.

This in collaboration with its phenomenal bandwidth allocation feature makes it one of the finest free download managers available for Windows users in recent memory.


  • Modern and Sleek Interface
  • Bandwidth management
  • Supports Torrent files
  • Open source and free

Verdict: Free Download Manager is exceptionally brilliant for a tool that is open source. The fact that it allows you to allocate bandwidth space alone makes it a worthy tool to have on your Windows device. Plus, its open-source nature is simply the icing on this rewarding cake.

Price: Free

Website: Free Download Manager

#2) Internet Download Manager

Best for Browser Integrated Automated Downloading.

internet downlod manager

Internet Download Manager prides itself on being one of the very first download managers that really perfected the practice of automatic identification and capture of videos from online sources.

Once you install the software on your device, the tool automatically integrates with your chrome browser. All you need to make it work is to enable the IDM extension in your browser’s settings.

Upon its enabling, the tool will automatically detect files and videos to download in your browser and prompt you to resume the download process with just one click. Alternatively, you can also copy and paste the URL of the video you want to be downloaded into the IDM’s dashboard.

To add to this software’s charm, it allows you to pause and resume your downloading process as well.


  • Multiple File Downloads at the same time.
  • Chrome Extension
  • Amplified downloading speeds
  • Supports proxy sites, FTP, HTTP protocols.

Verdict: Internet Download Manager has earned a colossal fan-base, and rightfully so because of the simplistic and intuitive nature of this tool. It can quite spectacularly identify files that you can download online and help you download them at incredible speeds.

Price: 30-day free trial, $29.95.

Website: Internet Download Manager

#3) Ninja Download Manager

Best for Simultaneous Downloads of Multiple Files.

Ninja Download Managger

Right off the bat, we have to begin our review of Ninja Download Manager by just how gorgeous the tool is to look at. It arguably has one of the best interfaces of any other tool on this list. Apart from the interface though, it also excels in its functionality.

The first thing we found interesting about this tool is its ability to download multiple files simultaneously. It also breaks down these files into small chunks to make the download process considerably faster.

Plus, you can also preview your file while the downloading is in progress. Other features like scheduling downloads, resume and pausing of download, etc. are also present here to the delight of its users.


  • Preview Downloading Files
  • Multiple Downloads at the same time.
  • Schedule Downloads
  • Modern and Sleek UI

Verdict: Ninja Download Manager is an intuitive tool that offers a great looking download manager with a plethora of advanced features to make your downloading process convenient and fast. It is also reasonably priced and this is huge merit in our book.

Price: Free version, $19 per license.

Website: Ninja Download Manager

#4) JDownloader

Best for Free Downloader without Ads.


JDownloader goes above and beyond in appearing almost charitable to many users. It is open-source, absolutely free to use, and doesn’t employ ads that can hinder the user experience. Tools like this are few and very rare to find.

As for its features, you can easily download files from almost all content platforms online, pause and resume your downloads, schedule your downloads, and set bandwidth limitations to customize your download settings.

Perhaps what we find the most appealing is the plug-ins that the tool allows you to use to upgrade your experience. There are more than 300 different plug-ins, which you can use to make JDownloader even richer in its features.


  • Free to Use
  • No Ads
  • More than 300 Plug-ins
  • Set Bandwidth Limitations

Verdict: JDownloader is arguably one of the best Download Managers available on Windows today, thanks to its open-source nature, and feature-rich interface. No other free tool packs the finesse that JDownloader harbors in its compact software.

Price: Free

Website: JDownloader

#5) Internet Download Accelerator

Best for Resume Broken Downloads and multiple browser integration.

internet download accelarator

Internet Download Accelerator earns its place on this list, mainly because of one very crucial reason. It solves the issue of resuming broken downloads. A broken file due to interrupted downloading can be extremely frustrating, especially when you have a large file.

Internet Download Accelerator fixes this issue by helping you download files that broke in the middle of a downloading process for some reason or the other. Plus, the tool can easily integrate with your browser and amplify download speeds.

Its ability to integrate seamlessly with multiple browsers is what really wins us over. Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Netscape, etc. can easily make room for this software to work its magic.


  • Multiple Browser Integration
  • Resume Download for Broken Files.
  • Manage Downloaded files easily.
  • Automatic Download of files.

Verdict: If you use Internet Download Accelerator, you don’t have to worry about compatibility with browsers as it blends well with every well-known browser to mankind today. As for its downloading features, they all work competently to earn our highest recommendation.

Price: Free, $9.95

Website: Internet Download Accelerator

#6) EagleGet

Best for Built-in malware checker.


EagleGet is a tool that prioritizes speed and security when it comes to any sort of downloading endeavor. It integrates easily with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera to assist you with downloading files.

Powered by multi-threaded technology, the tool works phenomenally to speed up your connection to enable faster downloads. Apart from this, you can also pause and resume downloads, schedule downloads, and manage them conveniently with the help of this tool.

The built-in malware check provides an extra set of protection to your device, thereby letting you know well in advance if your downloaded file comes with any malware that can potentially harm your system. Such warnings go a long way in preparing you for the worst.


  • Built-in Malware Check
  • Manage Download Files
  • Schedule Downloads
  • Resume and pause downloads.

Verdict: EagleGet’s proclivity towards security makes it a worthy competitor in a crowded market for Download managers. It performs its downloading capabilities very well and is absolutely free to use. However, be prepared for the ads.

Price: Free

Website: EagleGet

#7) BitComet

Best for Torrent Downloads.


BitComet software assists you in the easy capturing of torrent files from torrent sources. It does so because of its compatibility with many modern torrent protocols such as DHT network, Magnet Link, HTTP seeding and much more.

Its long term seeding technology helps you with downloading torrents that do not have enough seeders. This comes in handy to make sure that no torrent remains incomplete. Added to that, you can also preview your downloading files while they are still in process, a feat that not many torrent clients can achieve.


  • Long Term Seeding
  • Preview Files Before Download is complete.
  • Disk Caching
  • Free to use

Verdict: If you want a tool to help you downloading torrent files without any hassle (which is often the case with such files), then BitComet is for you. You will find the tool incredibly advanced and easy to use.

It addresses many of the issues that people have had with other torrent download managers in the past while making the process considerably more convenient.

Price: Free

Website: BitComet

#8) uGet

Best for Download Manager with Dynamic Themes.


uGet can change its appearance as per the look of the operating system it is functioning on. This is a spectacular feature that makes the tool appear more visually arresting than it has any right to be.

As for the downloading features, it comes with the usual ones like pause and resume downloads, schedule downloads, manage download library etc.

The tool also integrates seamlessly with multiple browsers to make the downloading process even more convenient. The extension can easily identify the files you can download and help you capture them with the aid of just one click.


  • Multiple Browser Integration
  • Dark Mode
  • Dynamic Themes for interface
  • Pause and Resume downloads

Verdict: uGet is a very generic download manager that does excel in one particular department with spectacular finesse. It can take the appearance of the operating system it is functioning on and provide multiple themes to help users fiddle with its look.

Price: Free

Website: uGet

#9) FlashGet

Best for Superfast File Downloader.


FlashGet employs the Multi-Server hyper-threading transportation technique to make the downloading process considerably faster. It splits the file into small chunks to achieve this goal. The interface itself is immaculate and easy on the eyes, thereby allowing for a clutter-free navigation system.

Despite being free, the tool is not bound to any adware to support itself, which is a major win in our books. You can perform functions like start a download, manage the library of downloaded files and resume interrupted downloads to assist you in your downloading endeavors.

It also comes with a built-in anti-virus checker that warns of any malware plaguing the files you seek to download. This becomes especially useful when it comes to upholding the security of your system.


  • Free
  • Ad-free
  • Antivirus checker
  • Clean and user-friendly interface

Verdict: FlashGet is a sleek and clean download manager that supports varying protocols to make the download of any kind of files possible. It expedites the download process considerably and comes absolutely free with no ads to bother its users.

Price: Free

Website: FlashGet

#10) GetGo Download Manager

Best for Batch Download of files.


Integrating with Chrome & Firefox seamlessly and compatible enough to download from almost all known content sources online, GetGo is a phenomenally simple and competent tool to have on your device. It is powered by a multi-threaded download engine that allows users to download files 5 times faster.

It also comes with all the necessary features to make your downloading process hassle-free. The tool once integrated with your browser can automatically detect files to download and help you capture them with just one click.

You also get to download an unlimited number of files in batches, thanks to its impeccable batch download feature.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Batch Downloads
  • Detects and downloads files
  • Multi-threaded download engine.

Verdict: GetGo download manager mimics everything that has made all of the above-listed tools so successful and employs them to great effect. As such, you now have a tool that performs everything you expect it to do as a download manager with utmost competence and intelligence.

Price: Free

Website: GetGo


Download managers are a must if you are someone who downloads files constantly from your browser. They can improve your downloading speeds & manage your downloads, thereby avoiding unnecessary frustrations while downloading and saving time.

All the download managers listed above do their job phenomenally well and have quite a substantial fan-base behind it to testify to their excellence with regards to downloading various forms of files from different sources online.

As for our recommendations, if you are looking for a simple downloader that automates the download process considerably, then look no further than Internet Download Manager or Ninja Download Manager.

For a free, open-source alternative that allows you to upgrade it in accordance with your whims, you can choose the amazing JDownloader.

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